Posted January 16th, 2018

Tim Winston bowling in the Richard Pentz Men’s League started the evening with a perfect 300 game…ended the evening with a perfect 300 game and sandwiched a 201 in between for an 801 set. This was Winstons second & third perfect games and second 800 set of the season. For his effort, Tim will receive a plaque for the perfect games & 800 set from Dual Lanes and a $25.00 Dual Lanes House Award for bowling 150+ pins over his 211 average for set. He will also receive recognition from the Franklin County Bowling Association & the United States Bowling Congress. Winston joins fellow bowlers Brad Carvelli, John Summers, Bob Violet, Todd Smith, Aaron Davis & Patrick Shifler as the only bowlers to bowl two perfect 300 games in the same set at Dual Lanes.