Posted April 2nd, 2019

Chris Decker bowling in the Monday Mixed Tenpin League tossed games of 242, 245 & 188 for a career high set of 675 which was 174 pins over his 167 average for set. For bowling 150+ pins over his average, Chris will receive a $25.00 Dual Lanes House Award.


Posted April 1st, 2019

Tommy Gollick was the winner of the Hagerstown / Waynesboro Shoot-Out Scratch Singles Tenpin Tournament held at Dual Lanes & Sunshine Lanes on Sunday, March 31, 2019. For results, click on TOURNAMENTS


Posted March 31st, 2019

Chelsea Wenner bowling in the Art Harris Memorial Mixed Tenpin League tossed games of 244, 243 & 194 for her career high set of 681. For her effort, Chelsea will receive two(2) $25.00 Dual Lanes House Awards…one for bowling a set 675-699 & one for bowling 150+ pins over 174 average for set.


Posted March 24th, 2019

Dual Lanes Tenpin Bowler Dave Vulgamott has been “on a roll” lately. In the Friday Flying Feathers Mixed League, he rolled honor scores back to back weeks tossing an 800 set which included games of 265, 279 & 256, the following week tossed his second perfect 300 game in the league and he and his partner were the winners of the Quality First Insurance / Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex Scratch Doubles Tournament on Sunday. For the 800 set, Dave received a plaque and $50.00 from Dual Lanes. For his second perfect game of the season, he received a plaque from Dual Lanes. He will also receive recognition from the Franklin County Bowling Association & the United States Bowling Congress for the honor scores.